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Found 2 results

  1. designzshop

    4.2.7 Dev

    We have completed 4.2.7's theme update and are now waiting for IPB to release 4.2.7. As always we will be ready to release themes version 4.2.7v1 within 12 hours of IPB's 4.2.7 release. Update: 4.2.7 has now had some additional changes. I spent this week reviewing color flow in all our themes. There has been some minor changes by IPB in recent upgrades/versions that use a different rule now. Some of those rules that switched used a more aggressive color choice so, all harder colors have been changed from all themes except for the base colors themselves. The themes look the same but even a cleaner better flow. CMS had some css changes, all changes can be reverted back for example corner roundness on the articles themselves. Other areas worked on was the search box that shows on all pages for D-Series specifically We also made changes in the amount of horizontal lines you see all over. Some were removed for a much cleaner better flowing experience. DesignzShop
  2. Wrapping up 2017 feature updates UPDATED: 11/27/2017 4.2.7 will bring several new custom settings giving you more control over image areas and more. Profile Header Blog Header Prettify / Code Mirror Registration button Navigation Font - Awesome Icons Misc. Changes in various css rules - Around 10 rule changes Additional new rules for various control. Will add to release notes 1 Major change where Prettify / Code Mirror is located in custom.css New Language file additions and description additions So yea, this is a pretty big release, especially for our D-Series customers and developers / coders. More control over your coding view. Locate and change your code colors easily. Nice surprise when needing more control of image displays in your profile and blog headers. Stay tuned as 4.2.6v2 or 4.2.7 will release very very shortly... DesignzShop
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