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Found 1 result

  1. designzshop

    4.4.4 Released

    Today we've released DesignzShop Theme version 4.4.4 for IPB 4.4.4. Current license holders can download your selected theme at IPB Marketplace now. Updates are for IPB code and css. 1 template to adjust if manually upgrading. If you're manually upgrading please also be aware you need to replace the custom.css in 4.4.4 with the custom.css from 4.4.4 Please Note: Install 4.4.4 Fresh or Manually update 1 templates and custom.css with 4.4.4 custom.css 1 Template update Additions to custom.css Also note: This version is v4.4.4 and intended for use with IPB 4.4.4 only. Enjoy! Kindest Regards DesignzShop
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