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Found 3 results

  1. designzshop

    4.3 Released

    DesignzShop released 4.3 themes yesterday and so far all is well and the new designs are being complimented. Remember,, this version needs to be installed fresh. Thank you everyone. Enjoy DesignzShop
  2. designzshop


    Hello Everyone, We're very excited to be releasing 4.3 very soon. As of right now we are done with our 4.3 themes. On track as usual In the 4.3 we've gone through each theme and redesigned, updated and added new. The work this round was tremendous. Every part of each theme was pretty much touched. All of the dark series themes we're overhauled for 4.3. Each has a rich dark 2 tone base colors. Button colors seen changes along with area background colors. Navigation pagination, widgets colors and more got redone. Literally, we went through everything for 4.3. Since we put a massive amount of work into our themes this round we ask that of you find any issues please do report to me (designzshop) at ipb in a pm. If you're a member here you can of course reach me here through pm also. I also like to hear comments and feedback, feel free to leave me a pm for that too. As we always have we've tested these new designs extensively to insure a bug free experience as possible. I certainly hope we've hit the mark for no bugs, but this is the first time we've done this many changes since 4.0 began many moons ago. Get ready for 4.3, we're there... DesignzShop
  3. As of 3/31/2018 we've finished up what we believe we need to so we can go ahead and start beta testing. Please be aware this is for beta testing only and not to be installed on any live site no matter what. Please only install any of our betas to a local development install or A live test site only. Again, please DO NOT install any of our betas to a live site. If you meet/understand the requirements above, please pm me here at DS for a copy of your specific theme. If you own multiple DesignzShop themes, please pm with the specific theme name you have a license for you would like to test. Multiple license holders may test all the themes you have a license for. Please let me know in the pm if you'd like all your themes to beta test with. Please also be aware you need a current IPB License and current DesignzShop theme license to test. We look forward to hearing from you. DesignzShop
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