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  1. 4.2.7b Released

    Today we're releasing 4.2.7b Theme Versions for D-Series only. This version includes Small but important color tweeks to each D-Series Theme. Upgraded / Newly designed v5 Custom ck editor. DesignzShop
  2. New v5 Editor

    For the corresponding theme release 4.2.7b we introduce the new v5 custom ck Editor. The v5 D-Series Editors are dark and rich with again, custom colored icons for the toolbar. This is a new version so please if you experience any issues send me a pm either here at DesignzShop or over at IPB. DesignzShop
  3. New Dark Editor

    We are planning to release our new version of our D-Series Dark editor 1/12/2018 Friday evening. This was a major overhaul for the editors that are in all D-Series themes. We also noticed there were some updates to the editor itself we missed and this new release will cover that too. Please note we will leave instructions for removing your old Dark editor and installing your new one DesignzShop
  4. 4.2.7 Released

    DesignzShop themes version 4.2.7 has now been released at IPB and here at DesignzShop.com. Our themes had a major overhaul several versions ago so if you notice anything not colored correctly or out of place please pm me. Kind Regards DesignzShop
  5. 4.2.7 Beta-X

    Today we released theme version 4.2.7betaX. Beta-X is our final installment for our 2018 themes upgrade/changes. This beta version can be used in 4.2.6 with some adjustments that are explained in the 4.2.7betaX read me file included with each download here at DesignzShop and at IPB. 4.2.7betaX was released early for everyone because more than likely IPB will wait to release 4.2.7 final until after the New Year. If you see any issues at all, please pm me here or at IPB and let me know so we can get everything wrapped up for the IPB final 4.2.7 release. As always, our themes are pretty tight and should be error free, but if not, please let us know. Thank you DesignzShop
  6. 4.2.7 Dev

    We have completed 4.2.7's theme update and are now waiting for IPB to release 4.2.7. As always we will be ready to release themes version 4.2.7v1 within 12 hours of IPB's 4.2.7 release. Update: 4.2.7 has now had some additional changes. I spent this week reviewing color flow in all our themes. There has been some minor changes by IPB in recent upgrades/versions that use a different rule now. Some of those rules that switched used a more aggressive color choice so, all harder colors have been changed from all themes except for the base colors themselves. The themes look the same but even a cleaner better flow. CMS had some css changes, all changes can be reverted back for example corner roundness on the articles themselves. Other areas worked on was the search box that shows on all pages for D-Series specifically We also made changes in the amount of horizontal lines you see all over. Some were removed for a much cleaner better flowing experience. DesignzShop
  7. Screenshots Updated

    Today we up-dated all our theme screenshots both here at DesignzShop.com and IPB Marketplace. The new screenshots are all shot in 3840x2160 4k 16bit. Hi-resolution screenshots for detailed viewing. DesignzShop
  8. 4.2.6v3 Released

    DesignzShop has released 4.2.6v3 Today we released the 2018 version of our themes. New Box Modal, updated color changes, and more. We're confident this version will get you excited for 2018 and will put a smile on your face. All themes have had updates We've never released 3 versions of a single IPB version before, however, we wanted to give our customers a little something special to start the new year. 426 Version 1 was our normal release 426 Version 2 addressed an IPB issue and provided a temp fix 426 Version 3 is our 2018 update issued early Enjoy DesignzShop
  9. Hide It

    Hide the things you don't want.. DesignzShop Themes allow you the freedom to get rid of functions that may get in the way of what you want to do. For example, You can Hide the sub-forums on forum index Hide image titles and descriptions in the gallery widget Hide Registration Button Hide breadcrumbs, top or bottom Hide specific modules from being displayed Hide specific modules and functions from being displayed in certain areas and more... We supply a lot of controls for a DesignzShop Theme giving you real flexibility when creating what you need to make your site work.
  10. Code Prettify

    Code in your own style with a DesignzShop Theme. Developer Code Control for D and Ignitor Series Themes. We make it easy to change your Prettify Code. Make it your own..
  11. 4.2.6v2 Released

    Today we're announcing the release of DesignzShop theme versions 4.2.6v2. This release is a huge release and covers a large wide ranging scope of feature additions, changes and small fixes for some mobile issues right now that need corrected by IPB (Which we are sure they will get too) We wanted your users to have a great mobile experience right now. That's important to us,, so we made some corrections temporarily to cover a few issues. For Edge users,, we did not fix the issue that cuts off the entire framework of IPB causing you not to be able to read everything cut off on the right. In some cases a scrollbar may appear, in some it may not either. This issue has also been reported. We have not added a detailed change file for this release. Since we have added a few custom settings for sure here you will need to do a fresh install to add those settings for use. We had to go into Designers Mode more than once for testing and that takes the ability away for you to upgrade automatically using the IPB auto theme up-grader. When we as developers re-enter Designers Mode the previous changes are not saved as new. That means your update will not update those files not recognized as updated. We have however added the changes in general summation in the change file. Please review that and please review your custom settings in general as we have again, more than a few new settings. Important this round are profile and blog new adjustments, new navigation icon system, developer Code Prettify access, changes to actual theme designs and framework. We hope you enjoy this final features release for 2017. We released this version so you'd have some of the 2018 scheduled features early. As always, if you have any issues please submit a ticket or send me a pm here or at IPB. We suspect as always, the issues will be minimal if any. Enjoy DesignzShop
  12. D-Series Image Pack

    D-Series Themes will package with a new default Image Pack or what we like to call here at DesignzShop, a new SkinzPacz. Just a small teaser of the new Carbon background that will be used all over the D-Series themes. First Screenshot - BOSS Footer with Carbon Image set example Second Screenshot - Advanced Post Profile with Carbon Image set Screenshots are in jpg for downloading ease All D-Series Themes get the new Carbon Image Theme Pack. We will also be keeping the default theme pack in the download. This will give you 2 theme image packs at purchase starting we hope with 4.2.7. Enjoy, Shadowz with Carbon
  13. Accepted Paypal Countries

    DesignzShop sells products off our site to selected countries that accept Paypal. Due to charge-backs from specific countries we've had to take extra discretion to which countries we sell to off our site. We realize there's good people in all countries across the globe, and we do our best to work with those interested in our themes. For those outside of our country list, please buy your DesignzShop theme from IPB Marketplace. IPB has extra safe-guards in place to handle fraud. IPB's access to their own user-base allows them also a added layer of protection against fraud. Country List United States Of America Canada United Kingdom Australia If you live outside the list of countries we accept PayPal payments from we encourage you to check back every once and a while to see if we've up-dated our list. We apologize for any inconvenience If you have any questions, please use our contact form or contact us at IPB via PM. Kindest Regards DesignzShop
  14. New Website Completed

    DesignzShop has now completed most of our new website. After 3 years we needed a overhaul. We are proud to reveal our new structured, ease of use site-flow. Minimal Clicking to get where you need to go, information / content areas defined much better and a much cleaner look and feel. As with any website, small tweaks and issues come-up, we know from here it's again, minimal . If you have any suggestions on how we can improve DesignzShop, please let me know, send me a pm. If you like what you see send me a pm for that too..:D
  15. Theme Benefits

    Along with the introduction to our new website for 2018, new sections were added. Specifically to highlight 2 sections, this article covers our new Theme Benefits Section. The new Themes Benefits Section answers the Why buy a DesignzShop Theme? Question. We want our customers to know they get some get benefits when purchasing a DesignzShop Theme. We hope this new addition to our site explains the extent we go to for our customers at a very affordable price.

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