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  1. Accepted Paypal Countries

    DesignzShop sells products off our site to selected countries that accept Paypal. Due to charge-backs from specific countries we've had to take extra discretion to which countries we sell to off our site. We realize there's good people in all countries across the globe, and we do our best to work with those interested in our themes. For those outside of our country list, please buy your DesignzShop theme from IPB Marketplace. IPB has extra safe-guards in place to handle fraud. IPB's access to their own user-base allows them also a added layer of protection against fraud. Country List United States Of America Canada United Kingdom Australia If you live outside the list of countries we accept PayPal payments from we encourage you to check back every once and a while to see if we've up-dated our list. We apologize for any inconvenience If you have any questions, please use our contact form or contact us at IPB via PM. Kindest Regards DesignzShop
  2. New Website Completed

    DesignzShop has now completed most of our new website. After 3 years we needed a overhaul. We are proud to reveal our new structured, ease of use site-flow. Minimal Clicking to get where you need to go, information / content areas defined much better and a much cleaner look and feel. As with any website, small tweaks and issues come-up, we know from here it's again, minimal . If you have any suggestions on how we can improve DesignzShop, please let me know, send me a pm. If you like what you see send me a pm for that too..:D
  3. Theme Benefits

    Along with the introduction to our new website for 2018, new sections were added. Specifically to highlight 2 sections, this article covers our new Theme Benefits Section. The new Themes Benefits Section answers the Why buy a DesignzShop Theme? Question. We want our customers to know they get some get benefits when purchasing a DesignzShop Theme. We hope this new addition to our site explains the extent we go to for our customers at a very affordable price.
  4. Theme Features

    Along with the introduction to our new website for 2018, new sections were added. Specifically to highlight 2 sections, this article covers our new Theme features Section. The new Themes Feature Section displays all our core and major features we have included in our themes both D-Series, and Pro / Ignitor Series. Included in most descriptions are high quality screenshots of the specific area being mentioned in the feature article. We hope this new addition to our site explains the extent we go to for our customers at a very affordable price.
  5. Clubs

    Enhanced Clubs. Available in all DesignzShop Themes. Enhanced Clubs Quick Overview DesignzShop Custom Clubs Profile Graphic. Profile Graphic Licensed By DesignzShop Custom Club Profile Cards. Great Looking Design Enhances User Experience. And more.... D-Series Clubs Examples Pro-Series Clubs Examples
  6. Google Fonts

    Display a Custom Text. Available in all DesignzShop Themes. Google Font Quick Overview Use Globally. Use For Specific Texts
  7. Navigation Tabs

    Custom Navigation Tabs. Available in all DesignzShop Themes. Navigation Tab Quick Overview Square or Rounded Top Tabs. Highlight Tab Custom Settings Pro-Series Tabs D-Series Tabs
  8. Navigation Icons

    Navigation Links - Font Awesome Enhanced. Available in all DesignzShop Themes. Navigation Font-Awesome Link Icons (Available in 4.2.7) Toggle Navigation Menu Icons Off / On. (Available In 4.2.7) Easily Change Navigation Icon (Available In 4.2.7) D-Series Navigation Icon Example Pro-Series Navigation Icon Example
  9. Menus

    DesignzShop Font-Awesome Enhanced. Available in all DesignzShop Themes. DesignzShop Menu Quick Overview User Drop Down Font-Awesome Link Icons. D-Series Menu Example Pro-Series Menu Example
  10. Finish Graphics

    Finish your theme. Available for all DesignzShop Themes after product registration. Finish Graphics Overview DesignzShop Offers A Total Theme Solution to our customers. We understand not everyone has graphics capabilities or the time to create the extra graphics needed after purchasing a theme. We get it! Not only do you get a great theme right out of the box, you also get the tools to change those graphics easily. DesignzShop offers solutions to our customers that give them choices after the purchase to select graphics that may fit their needs better than our stock theme. This is a valuable service that's worth extra we don't charge for as of right now. That is subject to change. In-House Designed Rich, Immersive Graphics. Solid Flat Graphics. Safe Licensed Graphics. Safe To Use. Exclusive To Our Customers. Logos, Backgrounds, Icons & more. Theme Registration Required For Access. Finish Graphics Examples
  11. Custom Settings

    Custom Settings for detailed designs. Available in all DesignzShop Themes. Custom Settings Overview DesignzShop D-Series Themes Have Over 200 Settings. DesignzShop Pro-Series Themes Have over 150 Custom Settings. DesignzShop Custom Settings Gives You More Theme Control. DesignzShop Custom Settings Gives You More choices. Detailed Custom Settings For Advanced Power Users. And more.... We're Serious About Your Theme!
  12. Theme ACP

    Theme ACP Control. Available in all DesignzShop Themes. Theme ACP Overview Structured Theme Tab System. Lean Usage Of Tabs. Controls All Aspects Of Our Themes. This Example May Not Reflect Current Tabs. More Tabs Possibly Added. Do more...
  13. Responsive

    DesignzShop Responsive Design. Available in all DesignzShop Themes. Responsive Theme Design Overview DesignzShop Follows IPB's Framework Strict. DesignzShop Themes Are As Responsive As IPB Proper Media Querying For Mobile. Mobile First Philosophy Incorporated Into All Themes. Great Looking Mobile Designs Google Mobile Check Example
  14. Images

    Display your sites images using Round or Square Corners. Available in all DesignzShop Themes. Images Overview Toggle On / Off Rounded Corner Images. Includes Attachments Attachments. Enhance Your Images Appearance D-Series Radius Corner Example Pro-Series Radius Corner Example
  15. Shipped Graphics

    DesignzShop Custom Graphics. Available in all DesignzShop Themes. Graphics Overview Quality Made Theme Graphics. In-House Made graphics Rich Immersive Designs Great Looking Solid Flat Designs All Graphics Are DesignzShop Licensed And more.... Custom Background Custom Profile Background Custom Grid Index Background Custom Header Custom Profile Icon Custom Club Profile Icon Custom Category Icons

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