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  1. 4.2.4 Released

    4.2.4 has been released. IPB Marketplace purchasers may down from the marketplace and new customers can purchase 4.2.4 right now. DesignzShop
  2. 4.2.4 Pre - Release

    4.2.3 Themes are so far working with 4.2.4 Pre-release. For now they are compatible.
  3. No Betas Currently

    We currently have no betas to test. Regards
  4. 4.2.3 Release

    Everything is now uploaded plus.... We have uploaded this sites default theme PRRESSBOX at IPB Marketplace. Regards and enjoy
  5. 4.2.3 Release

    DesignShop will be releasing 4.2.3 8/30/2017 around 7-8pm US CST. We are also running 4.2.3 right now here on DesignzShop.com. We are also using the new Pressbox theme version here with the New full Boss Footer, Hero Image and Swiper Slider. We are also showing the slider in IPB Pages Module only here. The header was also adjusted to 125px height through a theme acp custom setting. That easy Thank You, DesignzShop
  6. Beta w/Slider

    Ready for download at IPB Marketplace now and here Saturday afternoon. This is a beta version,, I don't expect many bugs but you never know. Just some short points Please read the Slider Read Me. When selecting where to show your slider you can do it Globally in all apps and core or, you can turn off global and then select a "Show Only" option to show the slider in a specific IPB application. This is our custom version of the Swiper Slider. All options for the slider are ran through your themes ACP Advanced users can get right into the JS to modify the slider Instructions in the read for slider options and how to use it. Keep in mind this particular slider uses a background image for the slides. That means the images are responsive and are responsive using css3 "cover". That means you may need to adjust your image sizes till you are happy with the desired outcome.I suggest making those images just below the size of the container you are using. You can use the image sizes I upload in the sliders as an example for image size to container size ratio. I also suggest make all your images the same sizes You can add up to 10 images in the slider currently. In the future we may add more slots. The reason for this is we have a lot in custom settings for each slide right now. We do plan on adding at least 2 more in the future. Images can be linked and open in a new window or the same window. To do We have a couple of things planned for the next version. Right now we want to make sure what's there is doing what it's supposed to do. For one we need to add ALts to images for SEO purposes. For 2 we need to add a text field for a description. We got this out for the weekend. Enjoy and let us know what you think. DesignzShop
  7. Coming 4.2.3 Beta

    We are making available our Swiper version Slider in our themes very soon, we hope Friday or Saturday this week as a matter of fact Every developer has their own style of Swiper Slider they customize to their site. We're no different here at DesignzShop. We do have our own custom Swiper Design and layout. Below is the Ignitor Blue Theme with the Swiper installed. There's no images in this screen because we want you to see the progress bar our slider comes with What you can do in the first version: Image uploads handled through theme ACP - Auto Image Upload You can add up to 10 Images 3 Images must be used at minimum 7 Images can be toggled on / off Each image can be linked and each image can open in a new window or not Slider default transition set to fade Slider can use many transitions Slider can be automated easily Slider can be shown globally or per IPB Module Slider should be able to be used in a block for global user permissions We will be testing this in the weeks to come (Advanced Users) Slider can be customized to your liking Extreme features Advanced Features Excellent Documentation at Swiper Excellent Support at Swiper Oh and there;s more and more coming. Let us k ow what you think. DesignzShop
  8. Coming 4.2.3 Beta

    DesignzShop will be releasing a new version for Beta very soon we hope. This version will include the Swiper Slider. This is a not sure feature that we want to test. If we find the slider works admirably we'll move it into a major release version. DesignzShop
  9. DS for 4.2.1

    DesignzShop Version for IPB 4.2.1 is now available in either the Client download center here at DesignzShop if you purchased your theme from us directly or at IPB Marketplace. This version was a fast release to correct one issue which was a font-awesome escape was missed in the userBar template. We apologize for any inconvenience. Hey, the first time in 2.5 years we've had a fast release to cover an issue,, I'd say pretty good. Thank you for your patience DesignzShop
  10. 4.2.1 > IPB 4.2.1

    We have updated our latest version today. You can download the latest version at IPB or here at DesignzShop if you purchased your theme from us off this site. This version upgrade completes viewing settings for our ad center specifically. Now, as an example using the Splash/Hero Image you can select to use the module globally or per IPB module. A total of 27 New settings have been added for the PRO-Banner Ad Center. If you'd like to view one of the new DesignzShop ProBanner Modules in a specific IPB module like forums or forums index only as an example you must leave the global toggle setting per module to off and then select(toggle) which area you'd like to see the DesignzShop Module. If you'd like to see the Designzhop Module everywhere but one area, you'd then select the disable toggles with the global setting(toggle) to "on". Sounds a bit complex now but it will make sense once seen. We will also be updating a specific Doc for the PRO-Banner center very very very soon to everyone gets a better understanding of the power this new feature brings and how to use it properly. Along with the upgrades above we also added a new Video template that only shows 2 videos within the IPB container. We hope this gives you the extreme flex-ability you need to show these modules where you need to get the most optimal performance from what you show to your users. DesignzShop
  11. 4.2.0 > IPB 4.2.1

    DS 4.2.0 works with IPB 4.2.1 without the need to upgrade your theme. Upgrade your IPB suite and enjoy. Kind Regards
  12. DesignzShop's New Site

    For 4.2 we decided it was time to redo our site here at DesignzShop. Having the same design for a couple of years we wanted to venture elsewhere for several reasons. In general however we wanted something that flowed a bit better. We have a lot of products, getting to what we offered for some things seemed hidden at times. So hopefully this brings everything upfront and in a clearer light when navigating DesignzShop.com.... We are using the Ignitor Pressbox theme on this site right now. Pressbox had a few changes to make it have a slight different appearance than our other Pro-Series offerings. Pressbox was given a more defined header appearance was one of those changes. We use our own products Besides using one of our own themes as you can also see by our site index here at DesignzShop we use our own products extensively.. DesignzShop utilizes the Pro Banner Center for our Hero image, Videos and Pro Ads. We've updated our information that displays on our site index. New to the index is Version Releases for Beta and Major releases. This way our customers and potential customers always know what version we have ready for download at either DesignzShop or at IPB Marketplace. All our themes are now displayed and in a very cool way. Originally we went with using the product embeds but the embeds is strong in this product. They seem to over-power at times some information, so we reddened our product ads for our site. Other services and more was put into our index. Previously our index had content that lead to other places to explain our products. With a new cleaner way to display the information we want to get to our customers we feel this will clear up additional non-essential information to get you where you need to go faster. Addition of new forums for better community contact. Before our forum was used for display basically. We've changed that. We've removed our blog and it has been replaced with forums. We needed the ability to break down what we are trying to get to our customers better in regards to information like IE version releases. Also using the forums we wanted to get some feedback from our customers. We don't get much because what we put out is spot on. But there's always room for new ideas and considerations. We still have a bit to do but what is seen now is pretty close to where we are. Thank you for your patience. Enjoy DesignzShop
  13. DS v4.2.0

    We are announcing the release of our 4.2 themes for IPB4.2. Download at DesignzShop Clients may download the new DS v4.2.0 Themes in your client area. New customers can now get DS v4.2.0 for download. Download at IPB Marketplace Clients may download the new DS v4.2.0 themes at or before 12 pm US CST 7/18/2017 or Today at noon or before. Please note: This release was a major upgrade and undertaking. Major. Will there be any bugs? We hope not. If so though please report the issue in tracker after you tested to make sure anything you think is wrong with our theme it is not happening in the IPB default theme first. Please keep in mind you may see an issue while using our themes but that issue may not be our issue, it may be IPB's. A simple way test if the issue is DesignzShops or IPB's is to return to the IPB stock default theme to see if what is happening in the DesignzShop theme is happening in the IPB stock default theme. If you find that you see the issue in both places, then the issue is not DesignzShop's but IPB's. At that point you can file a bug report with IPB to look into or a support ticket with them. The upgrade from 4.1.19 to 4.2 required us to touch almost every part of the framework and other of our themes... 4.2 added many graphics to the game for us also. More upload features to cover areas of your theme to give you more solid control of your themes appearance. Be sure and check out our Graphics Studio to get the new Object and Expression Icons for your theme plus more... OIf course product registration is required to download from our Graphics Studio. As a mention There was a lot that was done in 4.2 and even though it was a lot of work IPB done an outstanding job here. A great software let's for great themes. On to the good stuff... NEW 4.2 Features from DesignzShop for our themes. All Themes.... Pro-Ad Center Hero/Splash Banner Pro-Banners Pro-Video Ads Creative Footer The features above are all controlled through your themes ACP. There's a lot of settings for the Ad Center. We will in the next 2--3 weeks get into our documentation for 4.2 specifically and even more specific, the Ad Center and the centers settings. The future for the ad center includes you guessed it, more settings As a quick note, the ability to turn the Video Ad Center off per module is there and so is showing in pages only and no where else or forum only and no where else or forum index only and no where else.. The Show Only settings over-ride any setting including the option to turn the entire ad module. If the ad module is turned on Videos will show in all core complainants of IPB's suite. In the next versions we will add this ability to all the other Ad Center Modules. Also as a side note on the Ad Centers Modules... We've been working with transferring these modules to blocks so specific permissions can be assigned not only to where the modules seen but also by whom. More templates will also be available in the next releases. For example, the template we use now uses a grid that shows 3 places/spots that can image. video etc... in them. In the future we will include enough custom settings to utilize a 5 place/spot template.More on this in a later announcement. We sincerely hope you enjoy this release as much as we do and will. Kind Regards DesignzShop
  14. Running 42 Gold here

    DesignzShop is running IPB 4.2 Gold as of now. We also are running DesignzShop Theme v4.2.0 which will be in IPB Marketplace shortly
  15. DS 42 Beta5

    Please note this Beta version has been upgraded to 4.2 Gold and will not be used as a Beta. Please also note we will be upgrading our themes in Marketplace and here for 4.2 Gold in just a bit. All the new features in this last beta are included in 4.2 Gold ... I'd like to thank everyone for your patience through our Betas. Kind Regards DesignzShop

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