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    Hello, Pro--Series themes are now coming to a finish. Again, a massive update except this time for the pro-Series. many of the things done to the D-Series were also done to the Pro-Series. A few notes additional to the Pro-Series. More color, more color and more color The clean look however is retained as we expanded on the base color for each theme. Custom Cards for clubs which were also added to the D-Series. It's Saturday and I've been at this for a while all day so I'm gonna cut this blog post a bit short I will however be updating this thread this next week with lots more goodies. DesignzShop
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    Hello everyone, We have started as of today updating our themes to work in IPB 4.2. We have a lot of work ahead of us.. Much has changed theme wise. We do not anticipate any delays however when IPB releases 4.2. As always we strive to make sure our releases fall within a 12 hour window of IPB's major release. We hope here at DesignzShop to release some screenshots of the new 4.2 in action. One thing for sure,, IPB has made some changes that will enhance the themes primary colors. The outlines of some of the buttons is one area. We are working to make sure these colors don't come in too strong or too light. We'll certainly appreciate your feedback when we are ready very soon to show them off. Thank You everyone, we look forward to 4.2. It has some great new features, great updated features and all around a real gem.. DesignShop
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    Just finished up the D-Series tonight as far as we could until beta and WOW... So far they are AMAZING... Oh man, we can't wait to get these out there We know you'll be as impressed as we are..... We'll be starting with the Pro-Series themes Wednesday and hopefully finishing those up by the end of the weekend. We are definatly on time for a release when IPB releases 4.2..
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    Hello, DesignzShop has pretty much finished 4.2 and let me say... It looks fantastic. Many many many changes but we kept the look and feel of our 4.x.x series almost a 100%. Not an easy task given the 4.2 changes have come with. A lot of work without doubt. IPS wrapper was changed in 4.2. We adjusted for the entire content areas, container area and more...and more... Navigation was heavily changed around and how it is handled. Changes in navigation colors and tabs. Navigation custom settings still are available and work great in 4.2. Header area elements were in need of heavy adjustment New reactions css added. Reactions were adjusted to match each theme in D and Pro Series Leader board changes Clubs css added and adjusted to match each individual theme Adjustments in D-Series theme text colors. Some have been brightened. Misc changes in some css rules Misc changes in some colors Misc css rules added Still to do: Add new custom css rule settings. Misc settings will be added to adjust colors, areas and functions. This step will come when the first beta is released. Client betas: This is a possibility this round. We'll see after the first beta. There was soo much changed I would really like to get the beta of our themes out there. If you're interested please send me a pm here at DesignzShop. I will add a sceenshot teaser to this post in a bit