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Coming 4.2.3 Beta

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designzshop    17

DesignzShop will be releasing a new version for Beta very soon we hope. This version will include the Swiper Slider. This is a not sure feature that we want to test. If we find the slider works admirably we'll move it into a major release version.


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designzshop    17

We are making available our Swiper version Slider in our themes very soon, we hope Friday or Saturday this week as a matter of fact :D Every developer has their own style of Swiper Slider they customize to their site. We're no different here at DesignzShop. We do have our own custom Swiper Design and layout. Below is the Ignitor Blue Theme with the Swiper installed. There's no images in this screen because we want you to see the progress bar our slider comes with


What you can do in the first version:
Image uploads handled through theme ACP - Auto Image Upload

  • You can add up to 10 Images
  • 3 Images must be used at minimum
  • 7 Images can be toggled on / off
  • Each image can be linked and 
  • each image can open in a new window or not
  • Slider default transition set to fade
  • Slider can use many transitions
  • Slider can be automated easily
  • Slider can be shown globally or per IPB Module
  • Slider should be able to be used in a block for global user permissions
    We will be testing this in the weeks to come
  • (Advanced Users) Slider can be customized to your liking
  • Extreme features
  • Advanced Features
  • Excellent Documentation at Swiper
  • Excellent Support at Swiper

Oh and there;s more and more coming.
Let us k ow what you think.


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