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designzshop    17

We have updated our latest version today. You can download the latest version at IPB or here at DesignzShop if you purchased your theme from us off this site. This version upgrade completes viewing settings for our ad center specifically. Now, as an example using the Splash/Hero Image you can select to use the module globally or per IPB module. A total of 27 New settings have been added for the PRO-Banner Ad Center.

If you'd like to view one of the new DesignzShop ProBanner Modules in a specific IPB module like forums or forums index only as an example you must leave the global toggle setting per module to off and then select(toggle) which area you'd like to see the DesignzShop Module. 

If you'd like to see the Designzhop Module everywhere but one area, you'd then select the disable toggles with the global setting(toggle)  to "on". Sounds a bit complex now but it will make sense once seen. We will also be updating a specific Doc for the PRO-Banner center very very very soon to everyone gets a better understanding of the power this new feature brings and how to use it properly.

Along with the upgrades above we also added a new Video template that only shows 2 videos within the IPB container.

We hope this gives you the extreme flex-ability you need to show these modules where you need to get the most optimal performance from what you show to your users.


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