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DesignzShop's New Site

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For 4.2 we decided it was time to redo our site here at DesignzShop. Having the same design for a couple of years we wanted to venture elsewhere for several reasons. In general however we wanted something that flowed a bit better. We have a lot of products, getting to what we offered for some things seemed hidden at times. So hopefully this brings everything upfront and in a clearer light when navigating DesignzShop.com....

We are using the Ignitor Pressbox theme on this site right now. Pressbox had a few changes to make it have a slight different appearance than our other Pro-Series offerings. Pressbox was given a more defined header appearance was one of those changes. 

We use our own products
Besides using one of our own themes as you can also see by our site index here at DesignzShop we use our own products extensively.. DesignzShop utilizes the Pro Banner Center for our Hero image, Videos and  Pro Ads.

We've updated our information that displays on our site index. New to the index is Version Releases for Beta and Major releases. This way our customers and potential customers always know what version we have ready for download at either DesignzShop or at IPB Marketplace. All our themes are now displayed and in a very cool way. Originally we went with using the product embeds but the embeds is strong in this product. They seem to over-power at times some information, so we reddened our product ads for our site.

Other services and more was put into our index. Previously our index had content that lead to other places to explain our products. With a new cleaner way to display the information we want to get to our customers we feel this will clear up additional non-essential information to get you where you need to go faster.

Addition of new forums for better community contact. Before our forum was used for display basically. We've changed that. We've removed our blog and it has been replaced with forums. We needed the ability to break down what we are trying to get to our customers better in regards to information like IE version releases. Also using the forums we wanted to get some feedback from our customers. We don't get much because what we put out is spot on. But there's always room for new ideas and considerations.

We still have a bit to do but what is seen now is pretty close to where we are. Thank you for your patience. Enjoy


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