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DS v4.2.0

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designzshop    17

We are announcing the release of our 4.2 themes for IPB4.2. 

Download at DesignzShop

  • Clients may download the new DS v4.2.0 Themes in your client area. New customers can now get  DS v4.2.0 for download.

Download at IPB Marketplace

  • Clients may download  the new DS v4.2.0 themes at or before 12 pm US CST 7/18/2017 or Today at noon or before.

Please note:
This release was a major upgrade and undertaking. Major. Will there be any bugs? We hope not. If so though

  • please report the issue in tracker after you tested to make sure anything you think is wrong with our theme it is not happening in the IPB default theme first.
  • Please keep in mind you may see an issue while using our themes but that issue may not be our issue, it may be IPB's.
  • A simple way test if the issue is DesignzShops or IPB's is to return to the IPB stock default theme to see if what is happening in the DesignzShop theme is happening in the IPB stock default theme.
  • If you find that you see the issue in both places, then the issue is not DesignzShop's but IPB's. At that point you can file a bug report with IPB to look into or a support ticket with them.

The upgrade from 4.1.19 to 4.2 required us to touch almost every part of the framework and other of our themes... 4.2 added many graphics to the game for us also. More upload features to cover areas of your theme to give you more solid control of your themes appearance. Be sure and check out our Graphics Studio to get the new Object and Expression Icons for your theme plus more... OIf course product registration is required to download from our Graphics Studio.

As a mention
There was a lot that was done in 4.2 and even though it was a lot of work IPB done an outstanding job here. A great software let's for great themes.

On to the good stuff...
NEW 4.2 Features from DesignzShop for our themes. All Themes....

  • Pro-Ad Center
  • Hero/Splash Banner
  • Pro-Banners
  • Pro-Video Ads
  • Creative Footer

The features above are all controlled through your themes ACP. There's a lot of settings for the Ad Center. We will in the next 2--3 weeks get into our documentation for 4.2 specifically and even more specific, the Ad Center and the centers settings. The future for the ad center includes you guessed it, more settings :D  As a quick note, the ability to turn the Video Ad Center off per module is there and so is showing in pages only and no where else or forum only and no where else or forum index only and no where else.. The Show Only settings over-ride any setting including the option to turn the entire ad module. If the ad module is turned on Videos will show in all core complainants of IPB's suite. In the next versions we will add this ability to all the other Ad Center Modules.

Also as a side note on the Ad Centers Modules... We've been working with transferring these modules to blocks so specific permissions can be assigned not only to where the modules seen but also by whom.

More templates will also be available in the next releases. For example, the template we use now uses a grid that shows 3 places/spots that can image. video etc... in them. In the future we will include enough custom settings to utilize a 5 place/spot template.More on this in a later announcement.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this release as much as we do and will.

Kind Regards



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