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Welcome, to DesignzShop's Forums,

We've made some changes for 4.2 and leaving blogs as a way to communicate with our Clients and Guests what we need wasn't working well for our situation. We've created several forums here at DesignzShop to better reflect what we need to share. 

We wanted to utilize the forums for 4.2. In the past we've had a forum up but it was mostly for display so users could see what it looks like in one of our themes. Forums is really the core application of the IPB suite in our opinion. The forums allow Clients a direct way to also give us feedback. The forums can also concentrate all that information we need into one applications and area. this isn't the case with articles or blogs we felt. So forums win out and will start to be used here immediately. 

Site entry communications feed
Several DesignzShop forums will be linked into a feed at our sites entry point at https://www.designzshop.com .... Just in case you didn't want to hit the forums to view the specific announcements created in a specific forum section.

Communicating with Our Clients
When we start a thread in the DesignzShop section our Clients can respond/reply. Client can not however create threads in these areas.

In closing we hope these changes make it easier for everyone to not only view current information fast but older information if needed in referencing quick also. 

Thank You



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