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    • Ready for download at IPB Marketplace now and here Saturday afternoon. This is a beta version,, I don't expect many bugs but you never know. Just some short points Please read the Slider Read Me. When selecting where to show your slider you can do it Globally in all apps and core or, you can turn off global and then select a "Show Only" option to show the slider in a specific IPB application. This is our custom version of the Swiper Slider. All options for the slider are ran through your themes ACP Advanced users can get right into the JS to modify the slider Instructions in the read for slider options and how to use it. Keep in mind this particular slider uses a background image for the slides. That means the images are responsive and are responsive using css3 "cover". That means you may need to adjust your image sizes till you are happy with the desired outcome.I suggest making those images just below the size of the container you are using. You can use the image sizes I upload in the sliders as an example for image size to container size ratio. I also suggest make all your images the same sizes You can add up to 10 images in the slider currently. In the future we may add more slots. The reason for this is we have a lot in custom settings for each slide right now. We do plan on adding at least 2 more in the future. Images can be linked and open in a new window or the same window.   To do
      We have a couple of things planned for the next version.  Right now we want to make sure what's there is doing what it's supposed to do.
      For one we need to add ALts to images for SEO purposes. For 2 we need to add a text field for a description.  We got this out for the weekend. Enjoy and let us know what you think. DesignzShop

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