• Lab-Loads is restricted to Current License Holders until the release of IPB 4.2. We apologize for any inconvienance.

    What's DesignzShop's Lab-Loads?

    We understand you want more than just a theme that's why DesignzShop offers our Clients Lab-Loads to jump start your site immediately with some very cool graphics and goodies. DesignzShop's Lab-Loads offers our Clients eye-popping rich graphics to set your site apart from the norm. Select from many icons,,, background, ad images and more free to our current licensed clients. After you purchase your theme from IPB, sign up for a membership here at DesignzShop and then register your DesignzShop product for free and get access to many cool features. DesignzShop's Lab-Loads is a new feature added for mid Nov 2016.

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