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  5. About 4.2 themes, .Wow, this wasn't a upgrade for this theme developer. It was a overhaul that touched every important part of the software. The list this round is waaaay to long to get into for this blog but it was a lot. There was so much changed that normally we can say that we don't miss anything in the design but this round it's going to be hard to tell.. Since we haven't had hardly any issues in 2 1/2 years my hopes are we will keep our great track record here. I can say nothing obvious is missed for sure. So if anything, I'd expect anything missed to be buried in a feature maybe I missed in development. That brings me into the Dev testing subject - Had many of you ask to test 4.2. That's kinda questionable when the releases have had some areas that get repeat attention and keep changing. Normally if someone reports an issue I know it's with IPB and not our themes however, again, so much was changed this round and added that it's been hard to tell if it was my themes or IPB. So far every-time any issues have been with IPB and not our new 4.2 themes, but if those bugs were somewhat tricky for me, I know they'd be the same for most of our customers. Custom Settings - In 4.2 we added to add a few new settings. So much was changed we had to concentrate our efforts in 4.2 to mimic what we offered in 4.1.x series, in-particular the D-series dark themes. We fully expect to see settings getting added in after 4.2 has been out a bit. The other reason we held off on a lot of new custom settings is because we didn't want to add them and possibly have to make changes to them or remove them all together. There are however a few new color custom settings. We have a lot more color and option settings coming btw. Really cool stuff. New Images - Lots of new images for your themes this round,. The addition of clubs and reactions made it a must for us to make images for.. Many hours in new icon image creation in several sizes to boot. Current reactions which use emoticon images are generally bright images. They actually look in our opinions, hideous in a dark theme. So we had to change all that and give you some options when using our themes. As hopefully all of you are aware Lab-Loads images are there to complete your theme and save you extra time, money and/or effort in finishing up your site. In short and to finish up here - Beta 5 will be out soon, I expect we wont be seeing to many more betas, maybe beta 6... maybe... we expect a full updated release of our themes when 4.2 is released, the day it's released. . Upon release we ask if you have any issues when using our themes and are about to report an issue, please switch your theme to the default theme and see if the issue still persists there. If it does,, please contact us, submit a bug a report so we can fix what we need immediately. 4.2 Forums - We've opened our site forums up for 4.2. This will allow DesignzShop customers/Clients to share and help each other. It will also allow us here at DesignzShop to hear your feedback. Garh, leave us some feedback, we want to hear from you Kind Regards DesignzShop
  6. Hello, For 4.2 we want to make sure you are reporting bugs to us correctly. This insures we take the appropriate actions to resolve any issues our themes may have. Before reporting to our tracker what you think is possibly a bug on our part please Test the bug by turning our theme off and using the default IPB stock theme. If you see your issue happening in the stock theme it is not a DesignzShop bug. Please report those issue to IPB. Once you've checked if the bug is happening in the IPB default stock theme and the issue is not happening in the IPB default stock theme Use the DesignzShop tracker to report all bugs Please fill out all tracker fields to help us accurately trace the issue and version it's happening in. Be detailed. Give us all the information you can including screenshots or videos if you have them. Please do not pm me at IPB or here at DesignzShop to report a bug. It's hard to keep track of bugs in several places. The changes this round were a lot and we want to make sure we get everything if there's anything to get. Follow the tracker and your report. If there's an issue we will more than likely post the fix in the report. We will also show you the bug is fixed and in what version it will show up fixed in. These simple suggestions will serve both our clients and us in resolving issues quickly and get everyone on their way faster and more efficiently. Thank you for your patience. We've said before 4.2 was a very large upgrade and a lot of work. DesignzShop
  7. 4.2 was a major uygrade and a LOT of work for us here at DesignzShop. We noticed after being contacted from a client some theme designers are charging for this upgrade, we are not Kind Regards
  8. For 4.2 DesignzShop has made a matching Clubs Icon for your theme. All D-Series and Pro-Series have a new Club Icon. Using our Original Profile icon we made in house here at DesignzShop we made a complete set for your theme. At DesignzShop we want to make sure you have everything at hand to complete your theme. The new Club Icon will be available when IPB releases 4.2 and we release our 4.2 themes. Enjoy
  9. DesignzShop announces new Custom made in house Reaction Objects and Expressions icons. D-Series comes complete with both Objects and Expressions. Pro-Series has available a new Expressions pack. Once IPB releases 4.2 and we release our themes these icons will be available for download in Lab-Loads and of course to current clients only. 4.2 was much work getting ready. We hope you like these new additions to Lab-Loads to help complete your turn-key theme solution from DesignzShop. We strive to make sure you have everything at hand when purchasing one of our themes. Check em out https://www.designzshop.com/site/files/ Enjoy
  10. Hello, Pro--Series themes are now coming to a finish. Again, a massive update except this time for the pro-Series. many of the things done to the D-Series were also done to the Pro-Series. A few notes additional to the Pro-Series. More color, more color and more color The clean look however is retained as we expanded on the base color for each theme. Custom Cards for clubs which were also added to the D-Series. It's Saturday and I've been at this for a while all day so I'm gonna cut this blog post a bit short I will however be updating this thread this next week with lots more goodies. DesignzShop
  11. Just finished up the D-Series tonight as far as we could until beta and WOW... So far they are AMAZING... Oh man, we can't wait to get these out there We know you'll be as impressed as we are..... We'll be starting with the Pro-Series themes Wednesday and hopefully finishing those up by the end of the weekend. We are definatly on time for a release when IPB releases 4.2..
  12. Hello, DesignzShop has pretty much finished 4.2 and let me say... It looks fantastic. Many many many changes but we kept the look and feel of our 4.x.x series almost a 100%. Not an easy task given the 4.2 changes have come with. A lot of work without doubt. IPS wrapper was changed in 4.2. We adjusted for the entire content areas, container area and more...and more... Navigation was heavily changed around and how it is handled. Changes in navigation colors and tabs. Navigation custom settings still are available and work great in 4.2. Header area elements were in need of heavy adjustment New reactions css added. Reactions were adjusted to match each theme in D and Pro Series Leader board changes Clubs css added and adjusted to match each individual theme Adjustments in D-Series theme text colors. Some have been brightened. Misc changes in some css rules Misc changes in some colors Misc css rules added Still to do: Add new custom css rule settings. Misc settings will be added to adjust colors, areas and functions. This step will come when the first beta is released. Client betas: This is a possibility this round. We'll see after the first beta. There was soo much changed I would really like to get the beta of our themes out there. If you're interested please send me a pm here at DesignzShop. I will add a sceenshot teaser to this post in a bit
  13. Hello everyone, We have started as of today updating our themes to work in IPB 4.2. We have a lot of work ahead of us.. Much has changed theme wise. We do not anticipate any delays however when IPB releases 4.2. As always we strive to make sure our releases fall within a 12 hour window of IPB's major release. We hope here at DesignzShop to release some screenshots of the new 4.2 in action. One thing for sure,, IPB has made some changes that will enhance the themes primary colors. The outlines of some of the buttons is one area. We are working to make sure these colors don't come in too strong or too light. We'll certainly appreciate your feedback when we are ready very soon to show them off. Thank You everyone, we look forward to 4.2. It has some great new features, great updated features and all around a real gem.. DesignShop
  14. DesignzShop themes 4.1.19 work with IPB without the need to upgrade//re-download your theme. DesignzShop
  15. DesignzShop 4.1.19 works for IPB There's no need to upgrade your theme for this IPB release. Kind Regards DesignzShop
  16. IPB 4.1.19 has been released and so has DesignzShop 4.1.19 theme version. Clients may download the new vversion in the Client Area and new purchases are available. DesignzShop is running on 4.1.19 right now. This version release was again as always provided within 12 hours of IPB's 4.1.19 release. Enjoy DesignzShop
  17. DesignzShop is ready for IPB and can be downloaded by Clients in your client area. is also available for purchase. has a couple of updates. New css rule for noSubBars New Custom Setting for the new rule under navigation tab A single template update DesignzShop
  18. DesignzShop Themes/Skinz version 4.1.18v1 is now available for download/Purchase. Clients may download the new version in the Client area here at DesignzShop. As a side note: We are running 4.1.18 here at DesignzShop right now. Enjoy PS - New version released in 12 hours of IPB 4.1.18 release as has been the case since we started selling themes a couple of years ago for IPB software. We don't hold you back!
  19. DesignzShop has released a new selection and round of custom icons for our Clients. Included this round is Splash Design Icon Bubble Design Icon Shield Design Icon Each of these Icons come in the themes base colors. DesignzShop also supplies the 3 new icons with a light and medium gray icon selection. Stay tuned as DesignzShop has more icon announcements in the very near future. As an example check out our PRO-Series Ignitor Blue Icons https://www.designzshop.com/site/files/category/42-ignitor-blue-icons/ DesignzShop
  20. DesignzShop is currently on time for our 4.1.18 release and see a release the day IPB releases 4.1.18. We have a total of 1 template update only so far. If we decide to release any new features this round for 4.1.18 we'll make a blog note for all our clients. DesignzShop
  21. Recommended 3rd Party Applications for DesignzShop Themes DesignzShop is not out to re-invent the wheel. In the cases of the 3rd Party Applications listed below DesignzShop feels these deveopers have created something that's unsurpassed in quality and provide better options to you the end user than if DesignzShop added the feature ourselves to our themes base offerings. For a 3rd party developer to be recommended at DesignzShop's first and foremost we consider the credibility of the developer for our clients. Meaning, they have not only a quality application but maintain it, stay up on the latest/current version of IPB and answer support on a regular basis. This puts confidence in our Clients to buy the 3rd party applications we recommend. DesignzShop will add more 3rd party application recommendations in the future below as we become aware of the ones that qualify for our recommendation. 3rd Party Application Recommendations for DesignzShop Themes Slider (BIM41) Featured Content 4.1.25 By onlyME Product link in IPB MarketPplace https://invisionpower.com/files/file/7290-bim41-featured-content/ This 3rd party application is a extensive slider application that fits perfect into IPB. Fully and heavily optioned it is by far better than any slider you can get with any IPB theme. The additional cost of this slider pales in comparison to what you get on top of the fact it molds right into IPB flawlessly. We highly recommend this Slider 3rd party application from onlyME at IPB. onlyME's IPB Profile https://invisionpower.com/profile/146888-onlyme/ DesignzShop
  22. DesignzShop is proud to release our latest offering to our D-Series Clients called our Dark Suspension Background. This background is Amazingly rich Blends beautifully with all D-Series themes Extremely Professional appearance for a Dark background Changes the look of any D-Series theme on the fly Use the Power of the DesignzShop Framework to bring your site to a new level fast! We send along 2 sets of options for this product, please read our ad to better understand. DesignzShop does recommend some knowledge and comfort ability to following instructions for web design. Any css experience will be enough pretty much to install Option 1. DesignzShop Labs
  23. We are pleased to give our final announcement on Lab-Loads Logo Creation. We want to stress this offering may not be for everyone. There are some restrictions that apply to this offering. This offering is not part of our sales package but a free offering to those it fits that are Current Clients/Customers of DesignzShop.com. Again, this offering may not fit everyone. So here we go... This offering can be accesses through a Clients/Customers Support Area. After you enter Support, select "Logo Creation" for department Fill out the form fields which are explained below Give DesignzShop 3 days to create a new logo Download logo from your support ticket when it's ready No support emails are sent for this offering, please check your request ticket manually at designzShop.com Below is what a Client sees when selecting the "Logo Creation" department in Support. Thank You DesignzShop labs
  24. DesignzShop is announcing we will be adding to our theme purchases at no cost to our Clients a free logo service using the Lab-Loads logos only. Clients only will be able to Request a site name to be put into one of our logos DesignzShop will not create a seperate custom logo from Lab-Loads choices however Requests will be done after theme/product registration Clients will get 1 free creation Additional creations are $10.00 USD New logo designs are/will be added periodically We have more to announce on this new feature coiming very very soon to DesignzShop.com DesignzShop Labs
  25. Ready for Clients to immediately download from Lab-Loads is our 2 new PRO-Series Elegant Fine Line Backgrounds. A beutiful set of backggrounds that enhance your sites look. Easily change your sites look by uploading your background image automatically in your themes ACP. These 2 PRO-Series Ignitor Backgrounds come in 2 flavors Fine Line Light - White Fine Line Medium - Off White/Shaded Background .jpg optimized Image only - Not a SkinzPacz Check em out! More backgrounds to easily change the look of your site coming in 2017! DesignzShop Labs
  26. DesignzShop has uploaded new logos to extend your choices in Lab-Loads. D-Series and PRO-Series have the new Script and Speed logos available for Clients to download immediately. Script is a cursive elegant logo text. This logo is just text. Speed uses our standard Gothic text with new pre-text design. As always our DesignzShop license applies for use. Check them out https://www.designzshop.com/site/files/category/3-pro-series/ https://www.designzshop.com/site/files/category/25-d-series/
  27. Today we are releasing 2 SkinzPacz into our new Lab-Loads download center for clients.. Bicycle Available for Pro-Series and D-Series 1 Dark Racing Stripe Background 1 Light Racing Stripe Background 3 Custom Bicycle Icons Regular 3 Custom Icons Shadowed 1 Custom Logo - PSD-PSP and .png 1 Header Image Golf Available for Pro-Series and D-Series 1 Extreme graphic Background 2 Sets of icons. 1 Golf Ball and 1 Golf Ball with grass below the ball 1 Logo - PSD-PSP and .png 1 header image We are very excited to release these SkinzPacz to our Clients at no additional charge to the purchase of your theme. We have some more additions to add to the Bicycle SkinzPacz in the near future. Several different header designs. DesignzShop also plans even more SkinzPacz in the near future when we enter into 2017. DesignzShop Skinz/Themes are base themes designed to be easily manipulated in your themes ACP's Custom Settings. Changing theme made easy! Simply upload our SkinzPacz images into your themes acp's custom settings that automatically installs the image into the proper area. Instructions included Themes can be changed with our SkinzPacz in less than 2 minutes. Alter the ego of your site fast DesignzShop https://www.designzshop.com/site/files/category/54-d-series-skinzpacz/ https://www.designzshop.com/site/files/category/55-pro-series-skinzpacz/
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