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4.2 Themes Part 2

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About 4.2 themes,

.Wow, this wasn't a upgrade for this theme developer. It was a overhaul that touched every important part of the software. The list this round is waaaay to long to get into for this blog but it was a lot.  There was so much changed that normally we can say that we don't miss anything in the design but this round it's going to be hard to tell.. Since we haven't had hardly any issues in 2 1/2 years my hopes are we will keep our great track record here. :) I can say nothing obvious is missed for sure. So if anything, I'd expect anything missed to be buried in a feature maybe I missed  in development. 

That brings me into the Dev testing subject -

Had many of you ask to test 4.2. That's kinda questionable when the releases have had some areas that get repeat attention and keep changing. Normally if someone reports an issue I know it's with IPB and not our themes however, again, so much was changed this round and added that it's been hard to tell if it was my themes or IPB. So far every-time any issues have been with IPB and not our new 4.2 themes, but if those bugs were somewhat tricky for me, I know they'd be the same for most of our customers. 

Custom Settings - 

In 4.2 we added to add a few new settings. So much was changed we had to concentrate our efforts in 4.2 to mimic what we offered in 4.1.x series, in-particular the D-series dark themes.  We fully expect to see settings getting added in after 4.2 has been out a bit. The other reason we held off on a lot of new custom settings is because we didn't want to add them and possibly have to make changes to them or remove them all together. There are however a few new color custom settings. We have a lot more color and option settings coming btw. Really cool stuff.

New Images - 

Lots of new images for your themes this round,. The addition of clubs and reactions made it a must for us to make images for.. Many hours in new icon image creation in several sizes to boot. Current reactions which use emoticon images are generally bright images. They actually look in our opinions, hideous in a dark theme. :D So we had to change all that and give you some options when using our themes. As hopefully all of you are aware Lab-Loads images are there to complete your theme and save you extra time, money and/or effort in finishing up your site.

In short and to finish up here - 

Beta 5 will be out soon, I expect we wont be seeing to many more betas, maybe beta 6... maybe... we expect a full updated release of our themes when 4.2 is released, the day it's released. . Upon release we ask if you have any issues when using our themes and are about to report an issue, please switch your theme to the default theme and see if the issue still persists there. If it does,, please contact us, submit a bug a report so we can fix what we need immediately.

4.2 Forums - 
We've opened our site forums up for 4.2. This will allow DesignzShop customers/Clients to share and help each other. It will also allow us here at DesignzShop to hear your feedback.

Garh, leave us some feedback, we want to hear from you :D 
Kind Regards

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