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4.2 Bug Reporting Do's and Dont's

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For 4.2 we want to make sure you are reporting bugs to us correctly. This insures we take the appropriate actions to resolve any issues our themes may have. Before reporting to our tracker what you think is possibly a bug on our part please

  • Test the bug by turning our theme off and using the default IPB stock theme. If you see your issue happening in the stock theme it is not a DesignzShop bug.
  • Please report those issue to IPB.

Once you've checked if the bug is happening in the IPB default stock theme and the issue is not happening in the IPB default stock theme

  • Use the DesignzShop tracker to report all bugs
  • Please fill out all tracker fields to help us accurately trace the issue and version it's happening in.
  • Be detailed. Give us all the information you can including screenshots or videos if you have them.
  • Please do not pm me at IPB or here at DesignzShop to report a bug. It's hard to keep track of bugs in several places. The changes this round were a lot and we want to make sure we get everything if there's anything to get.
  • Follow the tracker and your report. If there's an issue we will more than likely post the fix in the report. We will also show you the bug is fixed and in what version it will show up fixed in.

These simple suggestions will serve both our clients and us in resolving issues quickly and get everyone on their way faster and more efficiently.

Thank you for your patience. We've said before 4.2 was a very large upgrade and a lot of work.

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