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3rd Party Theme Applications


Recommended 3rd Party Applications for DesignzShop Themes

DesignzShop is not out to re-invent the wheel. In the cases of the 3rd Party Applications listed below DesignzShop feels these deveopers have created something that's unsurpassed in quality and provide better options to you the end user than if DesignzShop added the feature ourselves to our themes base offerings.

For a 3rd party developer to be recommended at DesignzShop's first and foremost we consider the credibility of the developer for our clients. Meaning, they have not only a quality application but maintain it, stay up on the latest/current version of IPB and answer support on a regular basis. This puts confidence in our Clients to buy the 3rd party applications we recommend.

DesignzShop will add more 3rd party application recommendations in the future below as we become aware of the ones that qualify for our recommendation.

3rd Party Application Recommendations for  DesignzShop Themes

(BIM41) Featured Content 4.1.25
By onlyME

Product link in IPB MarketPplace

This 3rd party application is a extensive slider application that fits perfect into IPB. Fully and heavily optioned it is by far better than any slider you can get with any IPB theme. The additional cost of this slider pales in comparison to what you get on top of the fact it molds right into IPB flawlessly. We highly recommend this Slider 3rd party application from onlyME at IPB. 

onlyME's IPB Profile



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